Appalachian Small Business Series

This post from our newsletter kicks off our six-part series focusing on ideas and tips specifically designed for small businesses in Appalachia.

Here at Forward View, we consider ourselves to be problem-solvers. As a small business based in the Appalachian town of Clintwood, Virginia, we're very familiar with the local commercial environment: Overall, it's difficult to succeed as a small business in Appalachia. Although some areas of the region are much more economically developed than others, it's certainly true that Appalachia isn't a center of 21st century entrepreneurship. We'd like to change that.

In order to start a conversation about small business success in Appalachia, we're sending this newsletter to Chambers of Commerce in as many of the economically distressed counties as possible, in addition to the at-risk counties in Virginia. (For the record, some Chambers of Commerce don't have a website or email address. They're digitally invisible. This lack of an online presence is terrible! Please contact your Chamber if they don't have a website.)

This newsletter series will focus on these topics:

  • Economic challenges and capital access (September)
  • Tourism, industry and agriculture (October)
  • Business community collaboration and events (November)
  • Limited digital usage in Appalachia (December)
  • Reputation management (January)

We welcome questions or suggestions for specific needs that Forward View should address in this series. Unlike typical, and stereotypical, articles about Appalachia, we'll be offering solutions for the challenges in our communities. Our solutions, however, will not be centered on government or politics. We'll be speaking directly to small businesses across the region. We look forward to your feedback!

Nathan Yates

Nathan Yates has been fascinated by technology and finance since he was young. He was the kid devouring the business section of the newspaper (remember those?) while others read everything else. Nathan believes that the American economy is built from the bottom-up, meaning that small businesses and local nonprofits are the foundation of our nation's success. These organizations are the lifeblood of towns and cities across the U.S. Unfortunately, most consulting firms overlook companies or organizations that don't have eight-figure budgets. Nathan thought Forward View Consulting should be different. And we are. As Lead Consultant, Nathan works with each client to deliver only the best financial and/or website development services. Nathan's years of web design experience and his business degrees ensure that professional expertise is brought to each project. Our network of contacts can offer additional specialized guidance if needed. Before creating Forward View Consulting, Nathan worked for an independent equity research firm as a Research Associate covering the industrial and energy sectors. This work involved preparing quarterly 15-40 page reports on multi-billion dollar corporations along with timely analysis of M&A activity and industry-wide news. He also managed research distribution and the company's online presence. Nathan also spent a summer serving as a local financial adviser's Research Intern. Nathan earned a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Finance from Southern New Hampshire University, graduating summa cum laude. He then earned a Master's degree in Finance from Southern New Hampshire University, where he was named the Outstanding Student in his particular concentration. Now, Nathan is an adjunct professor teaching economics and finance for his alma mater. In his spare time, Nathan enjoys fishing, reading, time with family and serving as a volunteer webmaster for the Clintwood United Methodist Church.