Five Ideas for a Winning Holiday Marketing Campaign

Forward View copywriter Sarah Easley will explain why it isn’t too late to start a holiday marketing game plan!

The holidays are both a wonderful and hectic time of year, especially for business owners. The closing weeks of the year can be a defining moment of fiscal wellbeing. While you enjoy the time spent with your loved ones, the seasonal entertainments, and the warm sentiments of the season, making sure you have a solid marketing plan to see you through it is important.
Going into the early weeks of the 2018 holiday shopping season, back in October, the Consumer Confidence Index recorded their highest rates in nearly 2 decades. Though those numbers slipped somewhat during the month of November, the Index continues to report a promising season for businesses to take advantage of.
So, what are you doing to make the most of the season for your business? It isn’t too late to get a start on a holiday marketing game plan, so if you’re still looking for inspiration, we’ve rounded up some of the best promotional ideas from around the internet for you.

Brilliant Ideas for Your Holiday Marketing Campaign

1. Countdown Timers for Sales
Entrepreneur is an invaluable resource for any business owner and they never fail to come out with some handy advice as the holiday buying season ramps up. Guest writer, Syed Balkhi, published a list of useful tips and tricks this year, including the suggestion to set your sales on a clear countdown timer. This is something you can implement both in-store and on your webstore, allowing you to work with both markets at once. The major benefit timed sales have is that they let customers know they have a limited amount of time to decide on their purchases with you, driving sales within a timeframe that you set yourself. If it takes off and becomes popular you may even consider offering a surprise extension.
2. Social Listening
Forbes is another go-to for entrepreneurs looking for inspiration around the holidays. Last year, they did a round-up of marketing ideas and one really stands out. Andrew Caravella of Sprout Social encourages business owners to practice “social listening.” How does this work? It’s as simple as scrolling through your social media handles and seeing what customers have to say about your brand. Look for “moments of relevance,” Caravella said, using these key indicators as guides for how to engage with your customers on a meaningful level.
3. Team Up with a Local Charity
Small Business Trends put out a list of no less than 50 ideas for boosting your holiday marketing performance in 2016 – ideas that remain solid strategies today. Right at the top of their list is the recommendation of partnering with a charitable organization in your area. This is a phenomenal way to not only attract customers who may be window shopping, bringing them into your establishment to interact with the charity representatives and maybe walk out with a purchase. Up the ante by advertising the partnership and when the rep’s will be on the premises, so customers can be in-the-know. This helps up the number of people walking through your door and supports a good cause at the same time.
4. Create Holiday-Themed Social Media Ads
One marketing stream never to be ignored is social media. Margot de Cunha emphasizes this undeniable point on her list of holiday marketing tips for Wordstream. She suggests giving your Google and Instagram Ads a holiday makeover, using festive graphics and infusing your ad copy with some holiday cheer. With users scrolling quickly through their news feeds, having your business pop up with a seasonally inspired promotion can grab their attention instantly.
5. Be Prepared with Gift Cards or Certificates
Rieva Lesonsky posted a guest blog for the Small Business Association (SBA) back in 2014 that still gets used by a number of business sites. The list is chock-full of fantastic ideas for a variety of business types, but one of the best is making sure you’re equipped with gift cards or certificates. These you can offer to customers who either don’t know what to purchase as a present or are looking specifically for something that will allow the recipient to select their own gift. If you run a restaurant, this could be one of the best ways to bring customers in, both now and in the future.

Whether you’re looking for some help with your website or a design for your new holiday-themed Google Ads campaign, Forward View Consulting is here to lend you a hand! Reach out to us for information on our graphic design and social media services. We can even help you create and print some festive gift certificates to stock up on. 
 From all of us here at Forward View Consulting, L.L.C., we wish you a safe and happy holiday season!

Nathan Yates

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