Economic Engine

I've always pictured the economy as an engine, possibly because most of the men in the Yates family are mechanics. If the economy is an engine, then money is the gasoline.  An engine requires more than gas to run, though.  Our economic engine requires air in the form of reasonable regulations and laws to encourage commerce and fair transactions.  Companies form the pistons of the engine while economic development/business support agencies lubricate the motor.  What's missing?  The spark!  Entrepreneurs, engineers, scientists, business leaders and universities are the engine's spark plugs, and no power is generated without them.

Forward View is focused on adding fire to the economy's spark plugs!  Managing your company's fuel (money) is key to future business success, and we work hard to keep every piston moving and producing power.  We look forward to kicking your organization into a higher gear!


Nathan Yates