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Why Mobile?

Back in 1999, getting online required you to use a computer physically plugged into an internet connection.  A few years later, wireless internet access became popular and relatively commonplace across the country.  This change didn't affect web development, though, because the same computers were ultimately being used to access websites.

The current trend toward truly mobile internet access is something quite different.  New technologies and design philosophies are required to make a website function well on smartphones, tablets and other handheld devices.  If you've ever opened a website on your phone or tablet that just looked weird (or didn't even work at all), you know that not every site is created with mobile devices in mind.

Would your website look impressive on this screen?

At Forward View, we believe that every site needs fully-responsive design features.  In website development parlance, responsive design means that the website automatically adjusts its layout and content to perfectly suit each unique device.  Thus, a responsive site isn't actually a single entity in the traditional sense.  Instead, it's a seamless technology system built to optimize a website's content on desktops, laptops, smartphones, iPads etc.  You should never even know that responsive features are at work if they're properly developed!

We'll wrap up by noting that we only construct responsive websites for our clients.  Our custom e-commerce systems are 100% responsive, too.  (In fact, this newsletter is built with responsive technology!)  With today's mobile society, why should your digital presence be tethered to ideas and concepts from 1999?

(Reprinted from our December newsletter)