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21st Century Entrepreneurship

Small businesses are truly respected here at Forward View. Not only is Forward View a product of contemporary entrepreneurship, but most of our clients are entrepreneurs, too. In our opinion, the future of America will depend on people who use technology and modern capitalism to develop new products and offer innovative services. According to, "The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor shows that 18- to 24-year-olds in the United States are starting businesses at a faster rate than 35- to 44-year-olds." Thus, entrepreneurs are definitely increasing in number. Here's the Forward View:

We believe that more and more companies will use networks of remote professionals because distance is becoming irrelevant. Technologies such as Skype and the prevalence of mobile devices will enable face-to-face digital collaboration across time zones and regions. Forward View itself is a product of this trend. We're based in Virginia but have collaborators and consultants in Pennsylvania, Washington, Colorado and now Texas. Our clients have come from Virginia, Maryland, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Illinois and New York. As distance education/training becomes commonplace, having remote jobs/projects will be even more widely accepted in business. Those who learn online will work online.

-from Entrepreneur

The global marketplace is creating significant demand for incredibly differentiated services and goods. Established corporations struggle to envision anything except for macro trends, but highly skilled entrepreneurs will quickly exploit developing opportunities. Small businesses can react rapidly to changing needs, and they should always focus on core competencies. The 21st century economy will look like your smartphone's list of apps, with each firm dedicated to expertise in a particular niche. The days of conglomerates ruling the world are over.

Forward View realizes that modem entrepreneurs will increasingly promote socially-conscious activities. We think capitalism is the best economic system ever devised and ardently support free markets. (If you disagree and prefer Communism, just go ahead and click that little Unsubscribe button at the bottom of this email.) Nonetheless, we're very interested in supporting companies that do good while they earn profits. Those two outcomes aren't mutually exclusive. In fact, we'd say that thriving firms in this century will seamlessly integrate financial success with other metrics related to sustainable business practices. That combination will be essential to America's future.

-from Entrepreneur

It's our earnest desire to support the first generation 21st century entrepreneurs. The next generation seems even more strongly interested in developing new companies: "61 percent of high school students and 43 percent of college students would rather be an entrepreneur instead of an employee when they graduate college. While Gen Y struggles to pay back one trillion dollars in student loans, and is living with their parents when they graduate, Gen Z [those born between 1994 and 2010] is already focused on creating their own companies and living life on their terms." (Dan Schwabel of Millennial Branding) As business ownership becomes the preferred career, we look forward to helping Generations X, Y and Z!