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July News

We're very excited to have launched the redesigned and mobile-friendly Forward View's newest contributor, Grace Wu, lent her creative talents to the project. We feel like our team is fully complete now that she's onboard. Read about Grace and the rest of our consultants on our website. Now that our website backlog is almost gone, we're looking for digital project opportunities to tackle this fall. If you're interested in having Forward View develop your website or create a new logo for your business/organization, contact us today. Our open slots will fill up soon!

Every Forward View website is handcrafted in America and made-to-order

On the finance side of the business, we launched the Forward View Model Portfolio. It's filled with our best investment ideas, and we think it's our best research product yet. We also shared an update on the Forward View Elite subscription service (with included access to the Model Portfolio). Forward View initiated our Elite research offering through Seeking Alpha on March 22nd. Since then, we've posted 39 research notes, stock reports, trade suggestions and investment ideas. That's an average of one new update every three days! We focus on providing Wall Street-quality analyses at an affordable price, but Forward View is a sell-side firm with a global institutional investor readership base. JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Blackrock and Citigroup are just a few of the corporations that access our research. Despite our pleasure to provide services to these huge companies, Forward View has no desire to be an exclusive Wall Street-oriented research business. Instead, we're passionate about offering our services to smaller asset managers, financial advisors and the general investing public. We keep our own costs low (no fancy office and no Forward View jet) in order to sell Forward View Elite subscriptions on Seeking Alpha for just $275 per year/$34 per month. Please read our full Elite summary by clicking here.

We thank you for your interest in Forward View and wish you a great day!