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Answers to Your Questions

Two of Forward View's greatest supporters recently sent us an article entitled 7 Questions Businesses Should Ask Potential Web Developers (written by internet marketer Seth Rand). We found each of these questions very relevant to our own business, so it seemed wise to answer them directly in this newsletter. Let's get started!

  • What are examples of sites you’ve designed, built and maintained?

We have a full presentation of our completed websites at New client projects will be posted this month, too. Check that page frequently!

  • Will you help me select plugins and third-party systems, including hosting providers?

Is the sky blue? Is the grass green? Is Forward View's team awesome? We'll absolutely work with you to select the best digital service providers. As a matter of fact, we typically present complete solutions to our clients, thus eliminating their need to contact additional companies. Our website packages are designed to reduce client stress as much as possible because we integrate every technology the client needs.

  • What portion of your work is done in-house and what portion is outsourced?

We outsource nothing. Period. Would outsourcing tasks to overseas firms save us money? Yes, indeed! Would you be satisfied with the results? Not likely. If our customers wouldn't be happy, neither would we! Confidential information is never shared outside of Forward View, and the people working on our website projects are the same folks our clients know on a first-name basis.

We never outsource to unknown people

  • How will we communicate?

Forward View uses Skype, phone, and email to communicate with our clients. Our founder is also happy to meet with local clients in person. We respond to inquiries within 24 hours, too.

  • What are the costs, and how are they calculated?

We present a firm quote for services in our website development contract. If a vendor raises our costs, Forward View won't pass along the price increase. We do pass along savings we receive from vendors, however, because that's only fair. Forward View isn't concerned about our own profit margin. Instead, we focus on long-term business relationships.

  • What happens if I change scope mid-project?

We'll work with you as much as possible. Major changes in scope will likely require a new invoice, but we find that such significant adjustments are rare because we carefully analyze client needs before building anything. Solid planning can prevent most headaches.

  • Will you provide me with training throughout the process?

Yes! While most of our clients ask us to maintain their website, we're happy to train them to publish website updates, too. No matter how you prefer to keep your digital presence fresh, we can help. We'll train you as much as you wish or manage the system completely. Flexibility is our goal!

We hope you've found this Q&A beneficial. As always, we're happy to answer you questions and inquiries. Our clients are more than numbers to Forward View!