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March News

In March, we initiated the next stage of our growth on the research side of the business. We officially launched the Sporting Goods Monitor research product, and we're pleased to announce that our distribution system has been upgraded with new technology from Harvest. We're one of the first research firms anywhere on Earth to publish research through the incredible Harvest platform, so we're also offering anybody a free three-week trial of the Sporting Goods Monitor. Our initiation report on Big 5 Sporting Goods was just published, and we're finishing up our analysis of Dick's Sporting Goods! On the consulting side of Forward View, we've completed the new website and logo design for Assistive Technology for Education. It's an utterly beautiful website if we do say so ourselves, and team member Jamie Brown truly outdid herself. In addition, the new Town of Clintwood website will be live any day now. You're going to love our take on the digital representation of Small Town USA. Our founder's photos are prevalent on the town's website, too. The Facebook page we created for Clintwood offers a preview of the town website:

Speaking of Facebook, Forward View now has our own company Facebook page: Hurry up and like us for small business insights, stock market commentary and news from Forward View! We promise to never post cat videos, though. Seriously, we have nothing against cats but find the cat video industry too competitive for our efforts to thrive.

Happy April to you!