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Bringing It All Together

People typically know one side of Forward View or the other. A client or business partner will usually interact with either our consulting team or the research team, but not both. In fact, some folks even express surprise that another half of Forward View even exists. We think it's time to explain how our company's structure benefits clients, partners and our own team members.

Passion: First and foremost, we have passion for every client and every market we serve. We're just as committed to a large consulting client as to a small research buyer. Our team members work on all projects with dedication. Our founder once read that even if you're cleaning toilets or cooking fast food burgers, you should work like you're polishing God's bathroom or fixing lunch for Jesus. As a Christian business, we don't forget who's ultimately watching us.

Internal support: When Forward View needed a logo for our research service, we used our own graphic designer. We have also in-sourced website development, chart design, copywriting, marketing materials and financial planning. By having a team of multi-talented professionals, we don't need many outside services. That's how our prices stay low.

Consulting Benefits Equity Research: Our consulting projects give us the up-close-and personal view of digital marketing, retail and e-commerce. For example, we understand how to analyze website traffic trends because we build sites ourselves. Is a national retailer talking about the introduction of mobile payments in-store or Apple Pay™? We've helped clients with those technologies. Forward View's familiarity working at the micro level makes the macro level clearer.

Equity Research Benefits Consulting: If you read our research reports, you know that we've divided the retailers we cover into the e-commerce haves and have nots. (Click here for our latest industry update.) We believe that if a major retailer such as Hibbett Sports is struggling to grow without selling online, a small business should expect no better outcome with no website. Our equity research thus enables us to understand the national and international trends and then use this research to help entrepreneurs!

As you can see, Forward View's unique business model increases our flexibility, awareness and pricing. We're also focused on what matters. Everything we do is guided by a commitment to service.