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March News

Forward View launched the Town of Clinchco's first website in March: We thoroughly enjoyed working with the town and have appreciated the community's positive response to the project. We love supporting local government clients!

On the equity research side of the business, Forward View’s forecast for the February U.S. jobs report was ranked #1 in accuracy by Estimize. Our prediction: 235K new jobs. Actual: 235K new jobs. Our targeted unemployment rate (4.7%) was also 100% correct. (Forward View's CWH and HIBB corporate earnings estimates were ranked #2 this month, too.) In 2017, we’ve dedicated ourselves to developing U.S. economic forecasts that match the success of our equity research predictions. It’s important for us to understand the U.S. economy for top-down research on the companies we cover. Forward View is consistently committed to delivering additional insights to clients, and Sporting Goods Monitor subscribers can contact us to discuss our economics analyses.

Note: This newsletter will now be focused exclusively on news and articles related to our small business, nonprofit and local government expertise. Readers interested in our equity research and sporting goods coverage should subscribe to our new (and free) Sporting Goods Monitor monthly newsletter: (Just scroll down on the homepage to sign up through the CTA.) We encourage you to subscribe to both of our newsletters to follow all of our updates.

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