October News

October was another great month for Forward View. We've been developing multiple websites and have received new client inquiries, too. It's exciting to see our firm's growth in each week of every month. One of our best projects was upgrading the Maple Hall Inn website to enable its functionality on mobile devices. We also squashed bugs on the site and connected it to the Inn's social media accounts.

The Forward View team has been active in interviews, too. Our founder provided a Twitter marketing tip for this article and was contacted by a reporter from the Omaha World-Herald for a story on a potential private equity buyout of Cabela's. Forward View analyst David Wilson also interviewed Westmoreland Coal's CFO, Kevin Paprzycki, early in October. This interview proved to be very timely as Mr. Paprzycki was elevated to the CEO position just over a week ago. Our network of carefully cultivated business contacts will continue to be leveraged for our equity analysis clientele. Please contact us directly to join our exclusive list of research subscribers. We look forward to delivering expanded financial coverage in 2016.

Happy Birthday to Forward View!

I'm very happy to announce that October 10th was Forward View's first birthday! So much has changed in the past 365 days, but I honestly can't imagine a more successful year. This is the only company I've ever owned, and I didn't know if Forward View would survive to celebrate this special day. Not only is the firm still open, "I" has become "we." When I created the business, I did every job myself. I was CEO, CFO, CTO and CJO (Chief Janitorial Officer) in addition to completing every consulting project without assistance. Then, I was blessed with opportunities to add team members who have talents that I do not possess!

Kerri Costello came aboard first, and she brought impressive digital design skills to the business. I cannot even draw stick people, but Kerri's logos and graphics have added beauty and class to our website development projects. (Kerri also drew our firm's logo! It's so awesome that the CFO of a multi-billion dollar company once wrote just to say that the Forward View logo was perfect! He never commented on my 20 page analysis of his corporation, though) A couple of months after Kerri joined me, Forward View lost a large consulting job following my serious efforts to win it. Missing that work (and the large fee) made me realize that we should have a copywriter. Jamie Brown's ability to find the right word every time made her the perfect fit for our copywriting and content strategy needs. Forward View has never lost a project since she began working with us. Coincidence? I think not. Jamie also crafted our own marketing materials, and they generate a great first impression for Forward View.

During the summer, I realized that relying solely on my own investment research skills wasn't smart. I needed analytical support and assistance. Thus, I contacted David Wilson, a good friend from my Southern New Hampshire University B.S. program. David was finishing his M.B.A. and wanted to get financial research experience. It was perfect timing. Collaborating with David on Forward View projects is easy and fun because we worked together in our SNHU classes so frequently. He fits in with the business perfectly and just visited the headquarters of Westmoreland Coal, a company whose stock we cover. David's meeting with the CFO generated great insights for our research clientele. Talk about a success!
This fall, we rounded out the Forward View team by adding Grace Wu and, most recently, Chelsea Hippler. Grace provides wonderful website development and graphic design skills to our rapidly growing number of digital projects. She also has a degree in Business Finance, so you might say that Grace is Forward View personified! We love mixing finance with technology here, and that's an accurate summary of Grace's abilities. She's also a wonderful friend from my SNHU classes. Chelsea, meanwhile, was suggested by Jamie when we needed additional copywriting and editing support. I can't imagine finding anyone better to dive right into helping our clients! There was no training period necessary for Chelsea. I look forward to working with her as long as she's interested!

I thought writing about the Forward View team would best illustrate our first year's growth. I must also say something about our wonderful clients. Without them, there would be no Forward View Consulting! To date, we've had fifteen website development, logo design and digital marketing clients along with hundreds of investment research clients/readers. Forward View equity analyses are read across Wall Street and around the globe. (South Korea's central bank even requested access to our reports.)  If you have investments with any of the world's largest financial firms or banks, they've almost certainly read our research.

A sample of the coolest projects we've completed are:

  • Developing a custom online ordering system for my county's hottest new restaurant.
  • Providing the first websites and logos for two wonderful churches.
  • Creating an online membership database for the Dickenson County Chamber of Commerce.
  • Valuing equities for a professional trader.
  • Providing an on-demand industrial company earnings analysis to another research firm.
  • Visiting a Joy Global machinery rebuild shop to prepare a unique analytical report.

Last but not least, let me acknowledge our wonderful business partners, Bigcommerce, StockViews and Thinknum (more about this last partnership soon). Without their support, our business wouldn't be where it is today. Forward View's potential is limitless due to our collaborations with these other companies. We all share a desire to focus on small and medium businesses as well as those underserved by the big players in our respective industries. I look forward to years of shared success!

I don't know why I've been so blessed this past year. I thank God every day for this opportunity to do what I love and to work with so many wonderful people. The best part of this business, though, is that we're just now beginning to get serious traction. There's so much more we can do over the next 12 months, and I couldn't be more excited. Our best days are still ahead. That's the Forward View!

A very blessed,
Nathan Yates

September News

On the Forward View Awesomeness Scale, which goes from 1–10, we rate September as a 17.51 (or maybe even 17.52!). It has just been an incredible time for our business. Most importantly, we have a new team member! Chelsea Hippler of Texas has come aboard as a copywriter for our website design and marketing projects. She truly has a way with words, and we look forward to sharing examples of her work with you in the future.

On the website development side of Forward View, we completed a trio of projects. The Antioch Baptist Church now has its first website, the Dickenson County Chamber of Commerce's old digital presence was replaced and the Clintwood United Methodist Church's site was overhauled. (The latter redo took just 24 hours!) Each organization that we served in September has a wonderful mission, and we're proud to support them all. In addition to the jobs we completed last month, we also signed agreements with four new website design and marketing clients. We're truly happy to have fresh opportunities for shared success.

Following our equity research partnership with StockViews, we've published a fresh report on the website. You can read the analysis for free on StockViews! (Our average recommendation on StockViews has returned over 10%, with our best trade suggestion generating a 109% profit.) This month, we'll be publishing a research report on a meeting Forward View analyst David Wilson had with the CFO of Westmoreland Coal. In addition, we'll share a field note from our founder's pre-opening tour of a Cabela's store. With all of these unique publications upcoming, it's no wonder that we signed up a new investment analysis client in September. We're happy to welcome him to our research service.

As always, we thank you for reading The Forward View!

Answers to Your Questions

Two of Forward View's greatest supporters recently sent us an article entitled 7 Questions Businesses Should Ask Potential Web Developers (written by internet marketer Seth Rand). We found each of these questions very relevant to our own business, so it seemed wise to answer them directly in this newsletter. Let's get started!

  • What are examples of sites you’ve designed, built and maintained?

We have a full presentation of our completed websites at http://www.forwardviewconsulting.com/web-design/ New client projects will be posted this month, too. Check that page frequently!

  • Will you help me select plugins and third-party systems, including hosting providers?

Is the sky blue? Is the grass green? Is Forward View's team awesome? We'll absolutely work with you to select the best digital service providers. As a matter of fact, we typically present complete solutions to our clients, thus eliminating their need to contact additional companies. Our website packages are designed to reduce client stress as much as possible because we integrate every technology the client needs.

  • What portion of your work is done in-house and what portion is outsourced?

We outsource nothing. Period. Would outsourcing tasks to overseas firms save us money? Yes, indeed! Would you be satisfied with the results? Not likely. If our customers wouldn't be happy, neither would we! Confidential information is never shared outside of Forward View, and the people working on our website projects are the same folks our clients know on a first-name basis.

We never outsource to unknown people

  • How will we communicate?

Forward View uses Skype, phone, and email to communicate with our clients. Our founder is also happy to meet with local clients in person. We respond to inquiries within 24 hours, too.

  • What are the costs, and how are they calculated?

We present a firm quote for services in our website development contract. If a vendor raises our costs, Forward View won't pass along the price increase. We do pass along savings we receive from vendors, however, because that's only fair. Forward View isn't concerned about our own profit margin. Instead, we focus on long-term business relationships.

  • What happens if I change scope mid-project?

We'll work with you as much as possible. Major changes in scope will likely require a new invoice, but we find that such significant adjustments are rare because we carefully analyze client needs before building anything. Solid planning can prevent most headaches.

  • Will you provide me with training throughout the process?

Yes! While most of our clients ask us to maintain their website, we're happy to train them to publish website updates, too. No matter how you prefer to keep your digital presence fresh, we can help. We'll train you as much as you wish or manage the system completely. Flexibility is our goal!

We hope you've found this Q&A beneficial. As always, we're happy to answer you questions and inquiries. Our clients are more than numbers to Forward View!

August News

August was Forward View's most successful month ever, and we booked multiple new projects. By any metric, we enjoyed a fantastic end to he summer, and we look forward to sustaining our momentum. August's most enjoyable event occurred on August 14th when our founder attended a client's ribbon-cutting. Celebrating this grand opening with the Dickenson County Chamber of Commerce (another Forward View client) was a true honor.

In addition, we announced a partnership with Bigcommerce, a leader in e-commerce solutions for small and medium businesses (SMBs) on August 11th. Forward View is now an approved Bigcommerce reseller, and our future e-commerce clients will receive custom-designed websites using Bigcommerce's advanced technology. You can read more about this collaboration by clicking here.

We'd like to close this newsletter with the biggest news of all. Forward View has just become an affiliate partner of...

StockViews is dedicated to providing high-quality equity analyses to the investment firms underserved by traditional research publishers. That's a mission shared by Forward View, so our companies are natural partners. Our research will be readily available to StockViews users, and we've committed to very active participation across the platform. Forward View thanks StockViews co-founders Thomas Beevers and Sandeep Bathina for this incredible opportunity to upend the investment research industry. We invite you to read our press release on this partnership by clicking here.

Forward View wishes you a blessed Labor Day weekend!

Forward View Selected as StockViews Affiliate Partner


Nathan Yates, M.S.F.

Forward View Consulting

(276) 218-0350



Forward View Selected as StockViews Affiliate Partner

Collaboration with StockViews announced as old Wall Street business model breaks down


Clintwood, VA, September 1st, 2015 — Forward View is pleased to announce its new partnership with StockViews, a leader in crowdsourced equity research. A total of four StockViews affiliates will be brought aboard, thus making Forward View a member of a trulyselect group. Thomas Beevers, CEO of StockViews, stated, “We’re excited to welcome Forward View as a partner on the StockViews Affiliate Network. We have been highly impressed with the quality of their research and depth of analysis. Forward View represents a new breed of equity research firm—independent, analytical and 100% focused on generating great ideas. We look forward to working closely with the team at Forward View to disrupt the established sell-side research industry.”

Forward View research will be regularly published on the StockViews platform, including the type of analyses previously available only to Wall Street and large institutional investors. Instead of limiting research access to a handful of global corporations and hedge funds, Forward View is dedicated to serving financial advisors, family offices and smaller asset managers. Nathan Yates, the owner of Forward View, noted, “I’m glad we’re joining the StockViews Affiliate Network because our firms share the goal of upending the traditional sell-side business model. We believe there’s an unmet need for quality investment research among small and medium asset managers in the U.S. and Europe, and this collaboration enhances our ability to serve this market. Our securities analysis methodology isn’t influenced by a desire to sell any investment banking or trading services, so our clients can have confidence in the value of our unbiased reports.”

This partnership is effective immediately and provides long-term value to both Forward View and StockViews. The two companies will engage in joint marketing and public relations efforts, both online and offline. “We honestly can’t imagine a better partner for our research services than StockViews,” concluded Yates.

About Forward View Consulting

Forward View is dedicated to propelling your business forward, and clients from across America realize that we're not your typical securities research business. We focus on your clientele’s investment success, not on our short-term profits. Forward View will remain dedicated to independent research because we disdain the traditional Wall Street practices just as much as you do. For more information about us, visit our website at www.forwardviewconsulting.com.

About StockViews

StockViews is a crowdsourced community of analysts, ranked by performance and by quality of research. Stripping out the costly infrastructure from the Wall Street brokerage model, StockViews matches idea generators with capital allocators in a more effective and transparent way. To join our community, visit www.stockviews.com.

Forward View Selected as Bigcommerce Reseller


Nathan Yates, M.S.F.

Forward View Consulting

(276) 218-0350


Forward View Selected as Bigcommerce Reseller

Forward View to offer fresh design/web development services for e-commerce clients

Clintwood, VA, August 11th, 2015 — Forward View announced an agreement today with Bigcommerce, the leading e-commerce platform for small and medium sized businesses (SMBs), to join the Bigcommerce Partner Program as a reseller. Forward View, a leader in 21st century website design, was selected by Bigcommerce to provide design and integration services to their customers utilizing the Bigcommerce platform. The agreement gives Forward View a new level of service and support to continue to offer the award-winning Bigcommerce platform, delivering the leading e-commerce platform for small businesses to their clients along with the tools necessary to manage all aspects of online retail.

As a reseller, Forward View will have access to some awesome benefits from Bigcommerce, including:

  • Co-marketing materials and promotional pieces
  • Forward View’s assigned Bigcommerce Partner Development Executive who will provide ongoing reviews and product training
  • New commission options
  • Joint social media and PR initiatives

"We are extremely pleased to have Forward View join our partner program as a Forward View,” said Simon Clarkson, Director of Channel Sales for Bigcommerce. “We realize the tremendous value our partners bring to Bigcommerce and are committed to providing them with a fully encompassing program that supports their efforts and contributes to their ultimate success. We are looking forward to continuing to work with Forward View to jointly deliver the best e-commerce platform in the world to online retailers."

"Bigcommerce is a true leader in e-commerce," noted Nathan Yates, the Founder of Forward View. "Forward View believes that this partnership will enable us to deliver an even higher level of service to our ever-expanding roster of clients. We are pleased to team with Bigcommerce to help our customers sell more online."

About Forward View Consulting

Forward View is dedicated to propelling your business forward, and clients from across America realize that we're not your typical consulting business. We focus on the future of your organization and will prepare you for the opportunities and challenges inherent in our fast-paced, technology-driven world. Becoming a consulting supermarket isn't in our future, either. Instead, Forward View will remain dedicated to our areas of expertise. Your needs, not our short-term profits, are at the center of everything we do. For more information about our team, visit us online at http://www.forwardviewconsulting.com/.

About Bigcommerce

Bigcommerce is the leading e-commerce platform for SMBs, enabling them to easily launch professional online stores in hours, not weeks or months. Existing clients Gibson Guitar, Pandora Jewelers, Willie Nelson’s Shop and others are using Bigcommerce’s built-in e-commerce and marketing capabilities to sell more with less effort. Bigcommerce was founded in 2009 by two Aussies turned part-time Texans with a vision to build a scalable, powerful e-commerce platform for SMBs. For more information, visit http://www.bigcommerce.com/.

From Our Founder: Earnings Season

I've found that earnings season is one of the least understood areas of finance... unless you happen to work in the investment analysis business. Most people haven't been acquainted with the importance of the quarterly earnings seasons nor their impact on stock market performance. Thus, I'd like to take a few moments to discuss this interesting topic.

U.S. companies with publicly-traded stock report revenue, earnings (or losses) and a range of other financial figures for each fiscal quarter. Thus, there are four earnings seasons each year, and each season typically begins 2–3 weeks after the end of a calendar quarter (though a few firms report earnings off-sequence). An earnings season will last around a month, but most of the activity occurs during the two middle weeks of the season. A public conference call by each firm's management team typically accompanies an earnings report. Equity analysts use these conference calls to ask questions... and attempt to earn some notoriety. I always say that you'll hear the smartest and the stupidest questions on these calls! (My favorite dumb inquiry: "How do I model your [insert financial metric here]?")

Wall Street analysts must pause summer vacations in the Hamptons for 2Q (second quarter) earnings season

By the time you read this newsletter, most of our earnings analyses will have been published. That also means the stock market will have had time to re-price shares based on earnings. Every season brings volatility to the market, and a stock portfolio's annual returns are heavily impacted by quarterly reports. That's why you should care about earnings announcements! It's also why we comb through all of the earnings information released by companies we follow. We condense details from a 25–40 page SEC document, a slideshow presentation and a conference call into an actionable analysis of the company's results before presenting our own forecast. Click here to see an example of a Forward View earnings analysis from the first quarter of 2015.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and have a better understanding of earnings seasons. They're busy periods for me, but earnings seasons also separate the good analysts from the chaff. Forward View will always be focused on timely and useful earnings report research products because we're centered on client success 24/7.