Websites certain to drive engagement

Our Capabilities

We only utilize the latest web technologies to build your website. These development tools yield websites for use on all devices, so we promise your site will look great on all computers, tablets and smartphones. Your site will be hosted on servers with uptime of 99.99%. Forward View can also integrate e-commerce features into your digital presence.

Web Design Services

  • Complete analysis of your digital needs

  • Upgrading your current site

  • Development of a new turn-key website

  • Construction of an e-commerce system/online storefront

  • Ongoing site maintenance and regular updates

Why Every Business Needs A Website

Here are the top five reasons why a website is better than only having a Facebook page:

  1. A website's search engine optimization (SEO) can be customized. Facebook pages can't be tweaked to improve SEO. Example: We did an internet search for a local business with no website. The first search result is an unofficial Facebook page for the business. That Facebook page incorrectly lists the establishment as likely to be permanently closed. The actual Facebook page for the business isn't visible in the first page of search results. (Very few people go to the second page of search engine results!)

  2. Facebook offers extremely limited e-commerce features. Can you sell online through Facebook? Yes, but the available tools will be restrictive. With a website platform such as Squarespace, we can create a fully-featured and affordable digital store over a weekend.

  3. On Facebook, it's common to see duplicate listings for popular businesses and tourist attractions. When we were creating the Ralph Stanley Museum website, we found four unofficial Facebook pages for the museum. It has been hard to eliminate the extras! (Yes, sometimes we can get the duplicate pages deleted.)

  4. Your website design can utilize any layout you wish. With Facebook, you insert content into the standard template. With a website, you build the template to meet your own unique needs. Big difference.

  5. A website address will look much more professional on your business cards than a Facebook link. In the 21st century, you're expected to have a website. Don't disappoint potential customers!

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